Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Word Whisperer

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-Li Jiang
Chapters 13-15

Personification: "My other classmates had stood in excited knots, looking at me over their shoulders." (pg. 212) This means that the kids were very animated, and could not wait to see what was happening. They were all quickly bustling around to see, and everyone was getting jumbled. This affects readers, because it makes people think deeply about what the author means. Then, you can connect more to both the book and the author. It is significant to the the book, because you in depth about the text instead of just quickly reading it without any ideas.

Imagery: "I slowly loosened my fist from the strap of my school bag. It was dripping with sweat." (pg. 215) There is no specific meaning, and it means what it seems like. However, as you read it, you can picture is like a short movie playing in your head. I thought this quote was amazing, and full of details. This affects readers, because it is not enjoyable to read a book where you don't feel like you are there with the characters. It is significant to the book, because if there were only short sentences, then you would not feel involved. This would not be a popular book.

Repetition: "It was full of red: red slogans, red posters, red armbands, and red flags." (231) This means, that the Red Guards are very proud of themselves, and try to find anything possible to show who they are to others.  This affects readers, because they can realize what the Red Guards are like just based on the quote. This is significant to the book, because the writer can easily exaggerate things. 

Metaphor: "The sweat of honest work will wash the black stain from your back and purify your mind so that you can follow Chairman Mao's revolutionary line." (pg. 233) This means that if Ji-Li can go to the countryside and not worry about her family, then she will not considered part of a "black family".  This affects readers, because you have to think strongly about the metaphors and what they mean. This is significant to the book, because it adds variation to the text. Not all of the sentences can be simple so that everyone understands them.

Onomatopoeia: "A regular swish, swish, swish was moving in my direction." (pg. 237) This means that swish is the sound that you could hear coming from the rice plants moving with the breeze. This affects readers, because it is different to read a word in your mind that sounds the same as the way you imagine it. This is significant to the book, because instead of taking a long time to explain the sounds you hear, you can use words that have similar noises to a word.

Irony: "Yesterday we––that is the Revolutionary Committee––discussed your situation. Because of your political situation we decided to let Fang Fang replace you." This means that even though we thought that Ji-Li was going to yet again do a great job at the exhibition, she was replaced. I was very confused, because I wasn't expecting that to happen. This affects readers, because it adds a large interesting twist to the book when you think one thing is going to happen, but it doesn't. This is significant to the book, because it will be boring with no twists and you will be able to expect everything.

Alliteration: "The stench of stale sweat on the cloth almost made me sick" (235-236) This means that the sweat that sat on her all day smelled so bad that she felt nauseous. This affects readers, because it adds characters to the book, and it is fun to say words that have similar sounds. This is significant to the book, because for me, I want to have fun while reading. It is like saying a tongue-twister, and I love those. Therefore, people can have fun reading even if they don't usually enjoy that activity. 

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I chose the first image, because I could see the kids in excited knots perfectly in my mind. I imagined kids rushing out of school on the last day. I chose the second picture to show my imagery. I thought that many people would have similar perceptions, so I selected a picture of a sweaty hand to represent what I imagined.

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