Sunday, September 7, 2014

Illustrious Artist- Round 3: Mari Hopp

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-Li Jiang
Illustrious Artist
Chapters 6-9

The reason I choose to draw this image is because I thought this was a really important part in the book. It was on page 87 when Ji-li was remembering all the memories she had with Song Po-po in the previous summers. She remembered how happy they were, going outside and playing with the neighbors in the park, going to the pool, doing cartwheels/summersaults, watching the moon, listening to stories, giggling until late at night. These were all great memories she had from the great time during summer vacation. The reason I thought this was important was that this flashback she had contrasted with the life she has now. For example, then she would go out with her neighbors all the time, and play outside as much as possible, now she stays at home barely being able to go outside because there are so many search parties taking stuff from people , and they can't just stay out side watching all this, especially having the family background she has(her grandfather being a landlord). For me, this is when the story really clicks and shows that her life is not the same anymore, her life worn't ever be the same anymore, all the changes have happened, and are still to happen.


  1. Mari,

    Great job on your post, also your picture is very well drawn and it brings a new meaning to the post. I also though this was an important part of the section that we had to read. Was this one of your favorite moments or you chose because it was important for the book?

  2. Mari, first of all, nice drawing! There are many details and even if it's simple, it really made me understand the part your talking about in the book. I thought it was very interesting that you chose this part where she has a flashback because it not only shows that her life changed, but also shows how her life changed. By looking at the picture, I can remember the first bad situations that happened with Ji- LI. With that, I can even predict what is going to happen next because there might be a pattern. For example, first she saw a man being hurt in the streets and later she started to get hurt in school. After, she saw someone practically dying and maybe something serious might happen to her too because of her family background. However, I don't really think that is actually going to happen or else there won't be a story anymore. Yet, I think it can be possibility because it makes sense. Continuing, whatever happens will probably surprise us, so I guess we have to keep reading to find out!

  3. Mari, I think your drawing really helps to show what you're explaining. I agree with the part when you say this is where the book is making a turn. Things are changing. As you said, before, Ji-li was able to do multiple things and have fun without anything happening to her. Now, with the Red Guards being everywhere, taking peoples valuable things, Ji-li can't do what she grew up doing. Do you think her life will change for the better eventually ?

  4. Mari,

    I really liked your drawing and I also enjoyed what you had to say. Song Po-po was obviously someone Ji-li cared about a lot, I mean, how can she not? Song Po-po has been with her family ever since she was born and I can only imagine how hard it must've been to say goodbye to her... At the same time that I think kicking her out was a bad thing, it is also a good thing, because I'm pretty sure we've all seen some major character development from Ji-li. For example, around the first chapters, she mentioned how it was her dream to see Chairman Mao and you could tell she was very fond of his government.

    Now, after the Red Guards searched her home, after she witnessed that old man get beaten over a bicycle, watched her aunt suffer because of her lifestyle, being forced to dismiss Song Po-po...among other events and she notices that Mao's government isn't exactly as perfect as she thought it would be.