Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stefano Delmanto Illustrious Artist R3

The rag picker ripped the newspaper in half and there happened to be a picture of Chairman Mao on the back. Then Six-fingers took him into the police station because this was considered a fourold.
I choose these two images, because they show the reader how much people needed to respect Chairman Mao in China during the revolution. In my opinion, what happened in the story is an total absurd. The fact that people can't have their own opinion, the fact that people do not have the freedom to choose, the fact that the people don't have a voice in their society, and the fact that people can't contribute or share their thoughts is somewhere that they are going to live in is ridiculous. This chapter showed me how people during the revolution wanted to be treated, with respect. Every omen had to have the same opinion. I can make a connection to the book that I read during summer. 1984 by George Orwell. In this book, people could not have their own opinions. The government wanted the citizens to think the way the government did. Not caring about anything. In this book, people are not allowed to think. An example is when they ask Winston how much is 4+4. Eventually,he says 8. Then a mysterious guy tortures him and tells him that that was the wrens answer. They ask again 4+4=?
Knowing that eight was the wrong answer, he said seven. He is tortured again and again and again. Until they ask 4+4= Winston screams, I DON'T KNOW! And guess what, that was the correct response. Therefore, we can see that the government wants to manipulate people's minds, which in my opinion, is a total absurd. The ruling party want the people to think just like they do.
Moving on, the second image shows a rag picker trying to ring newspaper on the trash. This image is the one that I think best represents the scene that occurred in the book. This because I imagine this scene in my head when I read chapter seven.


  1. Stefano, I like that you explained the pictures and you did the first one yourself, but I don't really understand what the explanation in the beginning has to do with the pictures. You said the pictures represent how everyone has to respect Chairman Mao, but the first picture was someone ripping a news paper right between his face. Overall I think your post is good.

  2. I agree with you that in this cultural revolutions people done t get the right in thinking on what they want. A revolution is usually something people want to change and agree with. But I also find it weird that six fingers find it horrifying when the man accidentally ripped the paper without know there was a picture in the back. I never read 1984 but I like you connection that everything has to be controlled.

  3. Stefano,

    I really like your post, and the pictures you chose to represent your illustrations. I totally agree with you that the government is trying to make the people think like they do, to make them do what they do. One thing I would like to add is that, in the book, we can see that Ji-li started thinking that what the government was doing was awesome, and correct. But as the time came by, when it came to vacation, she thought that there was something wrong, something they didn't know, or something that was getting out of control. I can infer that the people started thinking the same way as she did. Also, on your second image, you could have described more the situation which that image is representing because you said there was one, but never described which one, and what was happening. You could've even added the more of the reason why you added that image. Because it is just there with no really explanation, I would just take it down because it doesn't really push our thinking. Keep up with the good work!