Sunday, September 7, 2014

Line Illuminator - Melissa M

"I felt sick to my stomach. I went back inside. It was all terribly unnecessary. He was so determined, but so wrong. If he had just lent them the bicycle, none of this would have had to happen."

For me, this quote is in important in the book because this is when Ji- Li actually sees the really bad side of things. Firstly, she saw the guy that was using a fourold pants and had it ripped by the people. She did get scared and felt sorry for the guy, but now she saw someone practically dying. If I was her, I have no idea what I would do, but I sure would be terrified for the rest of my life. Adding, that not only changed her thoughts, but also mine. From that, I realized that some simple choice can change your life because, like she said,  if he had lent them the bicycle, none of that would have happened. If I could go back in time I would sure change various simple things I did and said. I am sure that if I made different choices before, my life would be completely different.

I chose this picture because I think this image is a good example of making choices. Everyday we have to make these simple choices of what to eat. Everyday we have to think twice.

“Poor man, he might get heatstroke,” I murmured to Grandma. But immediately I scolded myself. How could I feel sorry for a counterrevolutionary’s family member who refused to support the Red Guards? Still, I could not help going back out to look at him."

This quote showed me that sometimes even if we dislike the person we feel sorry for them and that is a sign of affection. In the book, I don't think there it is clear that affection is a theme, but if you think deeply, affection is a theme in the book. Through out what Ji -li says or thinks she transmits important lessons to me. For example, in this quote she scolded herself, but she did feel sorry for the guy. Further, again, when she saw the guy using fourold pants, she understood it was a fourold, but she did feel sorry and she even thought of her self in his situation. Moreover, when I was smaller, I had a friend from another school that would always come to my house because her mom was my mom's friend. She would always keep annoying me, but once I pushed her into the pool. After, I felt so bad for what I did. However, surprisingly, we became best friends because I took care of her injuries that she made when I pushed her. I know it's completely different, but because I remembered this, I could connect better to this quote. 

I chose this image because it shows two people apart from each other, but they can both be thinking in each other. That relates to what I was saying because since I said that even if we dislike someone we can feel sorry for them, it's almost the same thing because they look like they don't like each other since they are far form each other, but maybe they have a feeling for each other.


  1. Melissa,

    Great post! First I would like to say that you choose really good quotes to support and explain. They both are something that many people including me would have lot of things to talk about. And for that reason I want to ask you: Do you really think that only because of one act of feeling sorry for someone "affection" could be one of the books theme?

    1. P.S.
      You should give more detail and information to make me feel the way you do. The way you wrote the second explanation wasn't really convincing or connected to the reader. However you did give one personal example that did make the post stronger.

  2. Melissa,

    Your post is really good. I love the images you added because they are really helpful to complement the quotes and what you were saying about them. I understand that we there are things that we should be afraid in life. As you said, when Ji-li sat the guy with the fourold pants being "attacked" by the high school students, she was scared. But, the question I still have in mind is: Should she be afraid? Should she worry about having things done to her the same as was done to that guy? This is a question for you to think of. Have in mind all the things from her past, but also that she isn't the person her grandfather was and she doesn't have the things fourolds have. Also, I would like say that I agree with you that affection is a slight theme in this book. As we've seen, Song Po-po was someone who Ji-li has a great affection twards. They have known each other since forever, and when Song Po-po had to leave, Ji-li was really sad, but there was nothing to do because it was the best for her family and even for Song Po-po.

  3. Melissa, I can completely relate with what you are saying. In the first picture, you do have to make decisions. In that picture the boy is looking at a cupcake or an apple. Of course, the cupcake tastes much better but the apple is what is good for you. Many people make those type of decisions these days. They go for what they think looks better though the other option will be better for them. Have you ever made a decision on something, based on its looks, and not what it may do to you ?