Thursday, September 4, 2014

Illustrious Illustrator- Brantley Wren

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-Li Jiang
Pgs. 80-139

I chose this image to represent the chapters we read because in Ji-Li's family's quest to rid their house of "Four Olds", they have to paint these beautiful red and gold trunks black, even though they are very sentimental to the Grandmother.

 Occurring in these chapters as well, Ji-Li starts to have conflicting thoughts about the revolution, twisting and confusing her mind and heart about what is right and wrong. She struggles to feel like she is supporting Mao, while still supporting her friends and family.


  1. Brantley,
    I thought that your post was very good with insightful images. To begin with, I think that these images really do represent some of what is happening in China in the book. In addition, I think that the second one is really creative because it shows how confusing one's mind can be, and that things can get tough many times, yet we should take the right decision. In the book, Ji-li is having to make many difficult decisions, like the one of not helping her aunt when she fell, but I am not really sure if they are the right ones. What do you think? Maybe she should stand up for herself, or maybe she should hide, and pretend to be like everyone else. Who knows.

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  3. Brantley,

    Your post is great! I think you chose two pictures that can completely summarize the chapters we read. I think the first picture was very powerful, because it is the first time when Ji-Li had to do something against Chairman Mao. She had to paint the trunks so that he wouldn't classify them as "Four Olds", and get rid of them. For your second image, I think it shows all of Ji-Li's confused feelings. She no longer knew what to think about her leader that she had always admired. I can connect to this, because I used to admire some leaders. However, after leaving the U.S., I realized what kind of thing they do. It can take one misleading action to completely change your perspective. I think that in the next week of chapters, Ji-Li is going to start leaning more and more away for Chairman Mao's side. Adding on, what do you think is going to happen to make Ji-Li go against him? Thank you for helping me dig deeper into the book.