Sunday, September 28, 2014

Line Illuminator #5 - Sophia S.

These last few chapters of the book were very emotional for the Jiang family especially for Ji-Li. I have a lot of empathy for her because she is close to our age, and is already going through so much.

"Why had my parents hidden these things from me? What else was there? Had Dad really committed a crime? Why hadn’t the theater let him come home? Anger rose in me. Didn’t they know how hard I’d been working to overcome my family background? Now all my efforts were wasted." pg.296. I chose this quote because it asks a lot of questions to the reader but at the same time Ji-Li is asking herself. It is also the moment right before she said she hated her family. It was like the eye before the storm. I think the reason her parents did not tell Ji-Li is because they wanted to protect her. I actually predicted this a couple of posts ago, that her dad was hiding something from Ji-Li and her parents were not telling her because of what Chairman Mao might do if she did know. I mean from the beginning of the book until now all Chairman Mao has been doing is destroy things rather than fix them. He has tortured and killed so many people and still so many more people admire him. I think that further on to the book Ji-Li will realize that her dad really did love her and wanted them to be safe from Chairman Mao and so they leave China, that is my prediction. Do you have any? I think that her dad did not commit a crime I think that Ji-Li's grandfather did, and since he is not alive they are blaming her father because he is the closest thing to her grandfather. Also remember when Ji-Li was getting bullied in school for this and was devastated about it and was trying to get over it ever since. But she can't run away from her problems it will just make it worse. So her trying to run away about how her family are landlords is just making the situation worse, and I think after her outburst she will realize that she can't run away from this and has to accept it, if she wants to save her father.

This is someone with a da-zi-bao on his head and is being bullied about it. I think this is what Ji-Li's parents are trying to avoid for their daughter.

 "Why let those old landlords ruin my life? Finally I had decided. Everyone already knew the worst about me. Let them think what they would. I would do an excellent job to prove myself. I had to win my honor back."pg.306. I chose this quote because this moment really was a defining moment for Ji-Li. For me she was a really storing girl this whole book which is really inspiring. But this moment she decided that she doesn't care what other people are saying. Let them think what they want. But even if her family are landlords she still want people to treat her with respect. So I think that with that presentation that was very emotional she definitely got some of the respect she wanted. Another part is her wanting to change her name. She thought that by changing her name she would just break off from the landlord part of her family not her mom and dad as well. She has to make a decision if she want respect from the community or not have respect but still have her family? What do you think is more important. For me I think that having no respect from the community but still having my family to support me is more important. Because family is always going to be there to support you. This goes for Ji-Li because her family has always been there to support her. Where people that she thought were her friends turned their back on her when she needed them the most. So even if her family was landlords she still needs to be there to support her mom who is going through a rough time because of her dad being away. So what would you chose respect or family?

This is how I view family and how I think Ji-Li does to, but is to caught up with honor that she is not thinking about her family.

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