Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rotation 5 Jaewon Cho

Question 1

      Why did Ji-li's parents hide the information about them having land lords?

I think that her parents did not want to create another impact for Ji-li since she has had more impacts in the past. The wall picture tells me that you can't jump over it unless you have gear. The parents are basically now allowing her to know about the information they are hiding until she's ready.

Question 2

     Ji-Li wanted to become a educable child, but why did she plan to break with her family?

I simply believe the reason why she broke apart was because of the newspaper article. It told that Ji-li's family was rich. She blames it on her grandfather and if it was me, I couldn't have studied and have a normal life with all that chaos happening around her family.

Question 3

     Why did Ji-Li run away from school?

She was.. ashamed. She went to school to help the revolutionary committee but she saw that she was "replaced" because of her political status. She runs away and realizes that her black family is getting worse.



  1. Hi Jaewon! Nice post, but I believe that on the first question, you mean "[...] about them being landlords" but alas, I'm going to answer question 3.

    I feel like Ji-Li abandoned school, not only because she was "ashamed" of her family like you mentioned but mostly because her world was kind of turning upside-down, you know? I mean, at first she went to Junior High and she was all happy and everything was going to plan until her dad got locked up and then there was the newspaper wasn't very pretty.

    Also, imagine if you were in her place, I mean, if I was her, the least thing I would be worrying about is school. Think of it, you're losing access/privilege to many things because of your family, you don't know what to think, who to believe...I doubt you'd go to school.

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  3. Jaewon,

    You post is good, but I noticed a few wording errors. For the first question, I disagree with your question/answer. This is because, Ji-Li's grandpa is the only person in her family that was a landlord. Her dad wasn't actually one, and it was just a lie. Therefore, they didn't hide information about them being landlords, because they weren't. For your second question, Ji-Li wanted to have a good education so she could get a good career, but when you imagined her mother's face, it made her realize that it was a bad decision. She would have no family if she made that choice. For your third question, I think it is clear why she ran away. She was considered the leader of her class, but then she got replaced just because of her family background that didn't even affect her. She got judged and neglected by her schoolmates for being in a family with people she didn't know. Why do you think that her dad was accused of being a landlord? Thank you for deepening my understanding of the book!