Sunday, September 28, 2014

Risk-Taking Researcher- Round 5/6- Mari Hopp

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-li Jiang
Risk Taking Researcher
Chapters 13-Epilogue

About the Author and her books:

    Ji-li Jiang was born in Shanghai, China in 1954. The book Red Scarf Girl, being the first book she wrote, is an autobiography on her hard childhood. Concluding, she is the main character in this book, who happens to have the same name, but in a different order(Jiang Ji-li), and that all the terrible things/changes to her childhood really happened.

    Over twenty years had gone by, and she still kept the memories to herself, and her family. When finally, in 1997, she published this book. Through all the seventeen years it has been published, Red Scarf Girl has won sixteen awards: five in 1997; nine in 1998; and one from 1999-2000. Ji-li Jiang has also won awards for herself not only the books, not one, not two, not three, yet four awards.

    She has done many accomplishments other than all the awards won. She has written two books: Red Scarf GirlMagical Monkey King- Mischief in Heaven which is her own adaptation of the classic Chinese folklore; In My Grandmother's House; and Red Kite, Blue Kite. Also, she was a science teacher in Shanghai, before she went to the United States in 1984(before she had published Red Scarf Girl). To expand the cultural exchanges she believes in, in 2003 she started the nonprofit organization, Cultural Exchange International. Subsequential to the publication of Red Scarf Girl, Ji-li Jiang has been speaking in schools and conferences about her books and native China.

    Ji-li Jiang now lives in San Francisco who's neighbor to her father, Henry O(this is his stage name). She says that San Francisco is her home because she feels welcome especially with her father being there, and being able to visit whenever she wants.

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  1. Mari,

    Great job on your post, you have included a lot of details about the author's life which made your post more interesting to the reader. Also, your images helps the reader visualize who the author was. Overall, great job on your post, keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Mari,
    Great job on your post! I really like how you put so many different kinds of information, from the year the book was published to teaching. About the rest of the post, I like how you had links in it to enhance the reader's understanding. I have a question to ask you, and it relates back all the way in your second paragraph, where you mention that "she still kept the memories to herself, and her family." Why do you think that this happened? Maybe because she was scared to expose her background, or maybe what China was really like? What do you think? Moving on, I think that a better addition to the post instead of the book cover, it could have been a picture of her now and then, or how people suffered in China, but that's just my opinion. All things considered, you did a very good job.
    Lucas T.