Monday, September 29, 2014

Question Commander #5

Why does Ji-li keep trying to force her self to believe that the Cultural Revolution is good?

During the last few chapters of the book I noticed that Ji-li tries to force herself into believing that the Cultural Revolution is good. This happened countless times in the book for example: When Old Qian was pushed on the washboard and beat by the red guards Ji-li said that it was his fault that he was beat, but on the inside she feels sorry for him and feels as if the red guards were to harsh. Here we see that inside she believe in something but outside she tries to force herself into going against what she actually thinks. I think that Ji-li forces her self to believe that she is wrong because of the influence she gets from people around her. In school most of the kids are with the Cultural revolution. Also most of the teenagers and kids in China are with the cultural revolution.

What will happen with Ji-li’s father? 

From what has happened in the book I could conclude that he will die, however I believe that he will live. I think he will live because he did absolutely nothing that would contradict the Cultural Revolution’s beliefs. Also if he confessed that he did something wrong they would release him, because they say that who ever confesses would be released.  

Why do the children join the Red Guards?

I think the kids and teens join the Red Guard simply because they want to follow new mentality, "follow the trends".  However, I think that the kids should think well before "following the trends" because as we have seen in the book even if innocents are tortured peoples lives are ruined still they "follow the trends".

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