Monday, September 29, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher- Sophia Bretthauer

Week 6

About the author:

Ji-li Jiang was born in 1954 in Shangai, China. In fact, the first book she wrote was this one we just finished reading, Red Scarf Girl. Unfortunately,this amazing and deep story is the real story of her life, including all the horrible things that happened to her and her family, since they are all true. Because of this, she is the main character in this book, however, the name of the character is in a different order (Jiang Ji-li).

As mentioned before, her first book published was Red Scarf Girl in 1997, when she was 43 years old. During all these years before she published this book, she had been keeping her tragic story to herself. As soon as she shared it with the world it was a great success, many loved it. Ji-li mentioned that her goal for this book was to expand the literature connections between the United States and China. Additionally, throughout these years that the book has been published, Ji-li has won 16 awards with it. Five in 1997; nine in 1998; and one from 1999-2000. Not only has Ji-li won awards because of her books but also for herself. Not only one, but four awards. 
Along with the book Red Scarf Girl, Ji-li has written four other great books, however, none of them are as famous as this one. The other books she has written are: Magical Monkey King and Mischief in Heaven which are her own adaptations of the classic Chinese folklore; In My Grandmother's House 
and Red Kite, Blue Kite.

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