Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Line Illuminator- Brantley Wren

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-Li Jiang
Line Illuminator
Chapters 13-Epilogue

"The letter complained about the situation in the theater. The faction in power, the Rebels, did whatever they wanted, ignoring the policy directives from the Central Committee of the Party, the letter said. They treated people with nonpolitical problems, like Aunt Wu, as class enemies, and they had humiliated her, shaving half of her head in a yin-yang hairdo. They frequently beat their prisoners and had already beaten two to death. They even recorded the screams and moans of the prisoners being tortured, and played the tapes to frighten other prisoners under interrogation."

This passage is greatly important in this book because it tells of the horrors that went on in China that Ji-Li's mother knew about but horrors that Ji-Li was oblivious to until now.

"After a long while the young man went into the bathroom. No one else was watching us. Mom whispered in my ear, "Where's the letter?" "In Little White's litter box. Are you going to tell them?" Mom shook her head hesitantly. She looked at Grandma and murmured, "I'm afraid she can't stand any more. It looks like they won't give up till they find it.""

This paragraph is important to the story because it creates suspense and anxiety about what is going to happen next. Will ThinFace find the letter? Will Ji-Li's family be punished? There's no way of knowing unless you keep reading.

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