Thursday, September 11, 2014

Red Scarf Girl round 3 - Risk taking reasercher

I decided to research more about the cultural revolution, since I wanted to know, how it started did it, what happened throughout it, how it ended,  and how it has changed China in long-term? Which this is what I got...

Mao Dezong wanted more power, since he thought the people that helped lead China had to much power, so he decided to have his call to action. Which was how the cultural revolution started.

Which he sent out red guards to encouraged all the youth in China to criticise those who Mao thought were untrustworthy regarding that was the direction he wanted to take China.

In the end some there were problems, it was very unsafe to be in China with all the action, there was a lot of violence, and the sooner you know it Mao Dezong went to jail. It has affected China since Cultural Revolution was the only time when China was a democracy, and it ended in the Chinese fear of democracy. People can't do whatever they want and the chinese are trying to have smarter decisions now.


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  1. Christian,

    The Cultural Revolution was definitely a very bloody and horrifying moment in Chinese history. Mao Ze-Dong launched the Cultural Revolution as a way to maintain and secure his authority over the Communist Party and Chinese government. This need arose after the widespread failure (and subsequent economic crisis) of his Great Leap Forward plans to change China from an agricultural into a modern, industrial society. In order for the Cultural Revolution to work, Mao appealed directly to his supporters and the nation's youth, such as Ji-Li, to help him "clean" China of many Western and money-oriented components of society that he considered "impure". Much of Chinese history and culture was destroyed by the Red Guard groups. The initial targets included the vandalism and destruction of Buddhist temples, mosques and churches, the burning of holy texts, Confucian writings, and any artwork. The Red Guards also terrorized people who were unfairly accused of being "anti-revolutionary" and thinking capitalist thoughts. Basically, China's entire intellectual and elderly society was at risk for attacks, and a feverish personality cult was built around Mao Ze-Dong and his extremists. In the end, over one and a half million people were killed and many more were tortured, persecuted and humiliated