Sunday, September 14, 2014

Risk-taking Researcher- Brantley Wren

Risk-taking Researcher- Brantley Wren

Red Scarf Girl- Ji-Li Jiang
Chapters 10 - 12

In these chapters, the book mentions that Ji-Li’s father and many other of the actors get detained from their jobs. During the Cultural Revolution, people that were thought to be against Chairman Mao were greatly persecuted and investigated. If the person being investigated was found “guilty” they were put in work camps as punishment. The chapters also talk about how Ji-Li goes to a telephone kiosk farther away so that the neighbors can’t hear her. The reason behind this is that while the Cultural Revolution took place, neighbors could report you to the government and say you did something wrong, even if it’s a lie. it happened quite often where neighbors would report you to get back at you for doing something they didn't like.


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  1. Brantley,

    Your post was really informative and honestly, I can't imagine how terrible those times must've been, I mean, can you imagine having to come home everything running but not because you were happy school was over and were anxious to get home, but because you wanted to be there with your family because you don't know how much time you have left with them? I can't and I can't believe what people were put through during this difficult period of time.

    In the Cultural Revolution, I think it's safe to say that you ca't trust anyone other than your family or maybe your closest friend, because neighbors can report you, Red Guards can come investigate you... Sure, some thought it was what molded China into what it is today, but if I was there with Ji-li, I would've attempted to flee long before a family member was beaten.