Monday, September 8, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher

The book Red Scarf Girl takes place in one of the most important times in Chinese history, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, also known as the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I decided to further research this topic and I learned that the Cultural Revolution happened from 1966 to 1976 and it was started by Mao Zedong. Later Mao became Chairman  Communist Party of China. Mao's goal was to remove any cultural or capitalist belief. After started the revolution in may 1966 the younger people around china started a group called the Red Guards that agreed with Mao's beliefs. The Red Guards believed in destroying the four olds: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. They wanted to have only new beliefs.   


  1. DearFernando,
    I really like how you reaserched something that is so important for the book's plot, and is something that I had wondered about throughout the book. In addition, I like the images that you put, which reflect very well the topic of your post. I would like to ask you a question, do you think that what Mao is doing and what he believes China should look like is correct? If so, would you change it in any manner? My opinion on these questions would be that I don't think what he is doing is correct, because many people are being hurt by the harsh manners of the revolution and of the red guards. And if it was up to me to change something, it would be how people are treated and what would be considered a four old or not.
    Lucas T.

  2. It seems like you've researched and did your job. However I would like you to add more information of things that we did not see from the book. Some of these researched information can be found in the book.

    Same as you, I did not know the years when the Cultural Revolution occurred. I can relate this to WW2. When Hitler tried to conquer all land.

  3. Fernando, your research was very enlightening and revealed some new information. I would like to point out some information that I would like to add on to. Apart from removing capitalist beliefs, he also wanted to remove anyone that could oppose or threaten his revolutionary idea or anyone in power. Also his get rid of old ideas was to remove any trace of western ideas so that they do not get any ideas of rebellion. What do you think?

  4. Fernando,

    Your research helped me also learn some things I didn't know. Firstly, your blog post helped me understand the book the best because it had some facts that were simple, yet most people didn't know them. Some people may have researched about Chairman Mao's whole life until now, etc, but your information really helped me find out some details that can be based on some bigger knowledge. In addition, the fact that most interested me in your blog post was that after the revolution in May 1966, people around China started a group called the Red Guards that agreed with Mao's beliefs. This lead to me to think about how these people started believing in Mao's believes. This is a pretty strong topic because these believes aren't very easy to agree with because it includes deaths and war. Therefore, it made me realize that Chairman Mao was once one of these people and it all started when he believed in something really simple. My question to you is how did Chairman Mao started believing in all of the things he believes today?