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Rotation #4 Word Whisperer - Guilherme Z.

Imagery: "His writing was beautiful and powerful, and the lively and vigorous flourishes in his calligraphy awed us. (pg. 159)
The quote that I choose happened during the time when Ji - Li first went to school. I choose it because it describes really well the first impression that she had about her teacher in the first day. And also right after she sayed this she also mentioned that:" His handwriting and his voice revealed two completely different personalities". Again that describes how much of an impression, a positive impression she had about his teacher. Sadly she don't have any other friends of her former school with her in the same class, but fortunately she she have them in the same school. Also this describes how much different he is from all other teachers she had in primary school.
(Here is a Junior High School in China (not actual school from book))
Rhetorical Question: "What mistakes had Dad made, other than having a landlord for a father? Could he really be a rightist after all?" (pg. 166)
I mainly chose this question because it is realated to a minor but big and the main problem at the moment. Also because it is ttwo rhetorical questions. Also because there was always this small yet strong hint of her dad having something to do with captalism and maybe even be against chair man Mao. Other thing is I dont think that having a Land Lord as a father is his mistake. He dint have the power to choose what would be the best father for him.

Foreshadowing:I opened the door, happy to see him. "“Uncle Fan, it’s so late— Oh my!” I stopped when I saw his face. It was swollen, bruised, and bloody. Standing in the dark doorway, he looked like a monster. He swayed back and forth weakly, and as I stared, his face crumpled into tears." (pg.173)
I choose this quote because only from it, you can tell what happened to the caracter. He uncle was beaten up because of the five black or dark (I dont remember) crimes. In my opinion I think that that is my bottom line. I wouldnt be ok, or just go with it. Only because someone with more power did this. How cant Ji Li see that Chair Man Mao is a really bad person and that he is only using a mask. All of these horible event happen all the time in front of her and she yet is convinced that Chair Man Mao is a good person. 

Metaphor: In other years on New Year’s morning the streets would be littered with shreds of colored firecracker paper. Soon after breakfast people loaded with gifts would begin to stream out of their homes to wish friends and relatives a happy New Year. This year firecrackers were
fourolds, and few people were in the mood to celebrate. Streets were so quiet that the city
seemed almost deserted. (pg.) I chose this quote because the Chinese new year is one of the biggest celebrations there is on the world. The entire China celebrates with huge amounts of fire crackers and fire works. Also it is one of the most anticipated days of the entire year for Chinese people. People from the entire world come to see and be part of this huge celebration. But not this year, because of C.M.Mao fire crackers and fire works are not aloud and no one is celebrating on the streets as they used to. People stayed at their homes and the entire China looked empty. There was no joy or spirit of new year. The big question is, would they do any thing about it? Why are they not standing up? And still with her dad locked up and no joy or colors, Ji-Li Jiang still thinks Chair Man Mao is a good person.
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