Thursday, September 25, 2014

Line Illuminator- Round 4- Mari Hopp

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-Li Jiang
Chapters 10-12
Line Illuminator

"'Are you two inseparables in the same class?'"(pg. 157)

      I chose this quote because Ji-li and An Yi are talking to someone they never really talked to, and that person can already tell that they are best friends and have always been best friends. This makes me think about the way people act when they are around someone specific. For example, Ji-li. She may be the sweetest person when she is around An Li because they are best friends, but when she is around her siblings she may be not so affectionate towards then because she has a different relationship with them. Because of the reaction/actions with An Li, that guy could already guess what was their relationship.

"Someone knocked softly on the door. I listened , and it came again: two soft taps, followed by a whisper... 'Who is it?'"(pg. 173)

      I chose this passage because it showed me that they were probably hiding something. I noticed they were being really careful so no one would hear them because they were whispering and walking softly. I liked this passage because it made me wonder who could they be possibly hiding from. It was really intriguing for me, the reader. It made me pay more attention to what was going on, and made me eager to know who was knocking.

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  1. Hi Mari,

    Your post is fantastic! I completely agree with your first quote/response. I act differently towards my friends and towards my siblings. People can obviously tell the difference, I am not as nice to my siblings as I am to my friends. I think it is obvious for a person to tell by your actions and words how close you are to someone? Do you act differently to your friends and to your best friends? Your second quote also intrigued me, because I was wondering who was at the door. I think that they were quiet, because they didn't want anyone to hear them and tell the Red Guards. Also, I think that quote was a good example of imagery, because I could imagine it perfectly in my mind. Thank you for deepening my thinking of the book :)