Thursday, September 25, 2014

Illustrious Artist- Melissa M

I chose to draw the scene where Ji- Li reads the article that says that the Jang's are a landlord family. I think it was an important scene in the book because it shows a moment when Ji- Li gets really mad and really expresses her feelings. Adding, right after she reads that, she screams to her mom: "I hate this landlord family!" I could really feel what she was feeling because I already passed through various situations that I discounted everything in my mom. I remember one time I had a project for all of my classes and I was going crazy. It was really hard for me to do all my work at home and I would scream  at her with all my madness that I hated my life, the school, the teachers, and her for putting me in Graded.  However, of course, I don't really think that, but when I'm mad I can say the stupidest things that first come to my mind. My life isin't bad because I got people that support me, food, water, and etc. I have all I need plus the technology which is just wonderful. The school, as we all now, is one of the bests in South America and the teachers are the ones who help me and prepare me. Lastly, I should thank my mom for all the work she did to get me in Graded. To conclude, I not only thought that this scene was just interesting, but I could connect very well to this.


  1. Hi Melissa!

    I really liked what you wrote, along with what you drew. I also felt like it was something very important in the book because after that, Ji-li decides to separate from her family. It was extremely intense and sent some chills down my spine as I read and when I finished reading. I even felt the need to stand up, drink some tea and eat some chocolate, because oh my god.

    As for what you said about your mom and such I agree completely. I've yelled at my mom for selfish reasons countless times and I regret it as soon as I finish. I can only imagine what went through Ji-li's head whilst she read that newspaper...All the madness, confusion, doubt, sadness, it was a big gray cloud of feelings that was having a thunderstorm and it was driving her insane.

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  3. Hey Melissa!

    I love your whole post! To start off, you are very good at drawing, and I think you drew the scene perfectly. This was the most important part of the three chapters we read, because she was actually considering to leave her family, and change her last name. She went through many conflicts just because of her family background. For example, she was bullied, she got replaced as a leader, her house was ransacked a couple times, etc. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes. However, she remembers how horrible it would be to see the expressions of her family member's faces as she broke the news. She could not put them through even more misery. However, I think that she screamed at her mom, because of all the rage she held back after the countless challenges faced her. I think it was rude for her to scream this at her mom, but also good to get her feelings out. You should try to get your bad feelings out so that you do not explode. Do you think it is good to always express how you are feeling? Thank you for enhancing my thinking!