Monday, October 27, 2014

Connection Captain Bernardo Red Scarf Girl #3

In Red Scarf Girl, the Ji-Li Jiang was selected to be part of the Libertation Army. But her parents have a dark history behind the chinese  government and the Libertation Army. This "Black History" of the story reminds me of the election debates. We just discovered that Dilma won the election ,  and most of the people here at school are really mad that Dilma won. But during the elections; Aecio Neves and Dilma Rousseff shared dark history to everyone that was watching. Aecio reaveled some serious information (not saying it is true) about Dilma and her colaboration in Petrobras. He reavled that Dilma stole billions of reais from Petrobras so they could help he government and the elections. Dilma in her debates said that this wasn't true. But DIlam also said some bad things that Aecio has been part of. (not saying it is true) She said that Aecio has something to do with the "Pasta Roxa" wich involves people that were sent to jail and were realesed because Aecio said so. In the book, Ji-Li Jiang's family was a "Black Family" because her granfather was a landlord. So Ji-Li Jiang was didn't in the Libertation Army because of her grades and "Black History".


  1. Um i agree to a certain extent. i agree until you said liberation army because her grandfathers history ment that she could not be a part of the red successors. Tt was her other family background including her grandfathers making it so that she could not get into the liberation army. but i agree with the connection to the Dilma thing and it was true she took money from Petrobras a government company, witch her partner told Veja the mercilessly he died from poison the next day.

  2. I agree to parts of what u mentioned, and the liberation army. But I think this has really no connection to what Aecio and Dilma had during the votes. Even though they have mentioned rubbish stuff to each other. But still they had no connection. BEcause the Black Family and Black History are in common, that doesn't mean that they have connection between the liberation army and the votes. But I agree to some parts and great post!!

  3. Hello Bernardo !
    I like how you connect Ji-Li Jiang's family background to the elections in Brazil. Sometimes " Black History ", meaning when a person has a bad reputation for doing either something bad or illegal, can determine how you are treated. As you stated, Ji-Li Jiang couldn't be part of the Liberation Army because of her family's "Black History ". Her grandfather was a " landlord " and that disappointed Ji-Li Jiang. Going back to the connection you made with the presidential elections in Brazil, I like how you state that each candidate has done bad things and how their " Black History " might affect the result of the elections. Do you think judging people by their family's background is fair ?

    - Great Post !