Sunday, October 19, 2014

How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

The cultural issue that made the author write this book was the da-zi-bao because they would write bad things about people and it was really rude because they did this immense posters saying bad things or describe someone. They did one for Ji-Li and it is something I think was really uncomfortable for her because you see bad things about you in the front of your house. This event made the author want to discover and learn more about the Chinese cultural revolution. I think she thought it would be something challenging and intriguing to talk about. With no doubt this book became popular because of the ordinary and the difference between our civilization and their civilization. Ties blind ties break became a famous book because of the same reasons this book became because both of them talk about the different aspects of someone who actually lived this book and the difficulties it took to survive with education, health and .etc. This books can sometimes be easy to get inspired because the person who is writing likes to protect or fight these people´s writes so they get pumped up to write more and more with more details and descriptions. That´s when they know that they really entered into the story and this make me read this books;.

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  1. Good post Enzo!
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Something that I liked was that you connected the book to Ties That Bind, Ties That Break. I think that the books are really similar in a way that both of them talk about historical events that happened in China. I had not made that comparison, but it is good that you did because its true that both of the books became famous because of history. Another thing that I liked was that you said the difference between our civilization and theirs. Their is clearly a major difference, but don't you think that if you thought back their were sometimes that Brasil was also "changing". Overall, you had a great post.