Sunday, October 26, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Asuna Ito

Week #3

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-li Jiang
chapter 6, 7, 8, 9
Asuna Ito
Illustrious Artist

In this book the lives of people who had trusted their leader called Chairman Mao, and people who were destroyed their lives by them were written. The Cultural Revolution is a social movement to prevent the revival of capitalism in China, but the fact is a large-scale power struggle to rehabilitate Chairman Mao, himself. 
There are two types of people in my drawing. One of them is people who believe that their hope is the leader, Chairman Mao, and another type of people have been trampled by them. As you can see, there is a girl who puts on a red scarf around her neck, Ji-li Jiang. The walking people are wearing caps over their eyes, that means they don't see a world that is around them and the fact. They are just following "him". I believe they lost their mind. They also cannot see the people under their feet because they cannot see anything. I found some quotes which I thought they are relate to my drawing and show deep meaning. 
"The new decor lost all its brightness." (pg.99) "Home, I thought. Wasn't a home a private place? A place where the family could feel secure? How could strangers come and search through our secrets?" (pg.138) I think the firest line is a metaphor words, and I completely agree with Ji-li about the scond line..The Red Guards are going to come and search Ji-li's house. Their treasures which they have taken care of or their precious things, that might be a present from family or something that brings special memories for them, are going to be taken by people wearing caps over their eyes, the Red Guards who are following Chairman Mao.
I drew this picture because I saw the backside of the big event. This is the similar experience to my thought of when I have read Persepolis. Many people and many things are stepped on. The darkness is imminent to Ji-li's family, too.

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