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Historical Context Question - Blogpost # 3

Red Scarf Girl
Juan Carlos Thomas
Chapters 6-9
Week 3
Historical Context Question

  1. How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

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Historical Events play a big role on any written memoir. Red Scarf Girl is based on the Cultural Revolution that occurred from 1966 until 1976 ( History, Cultural Revolution ). Mao Zedong , also know as Chairman Mao, was the president of the People's Republic of China from 1945 until 1976 ( Wikipedia, Mao Zedong ). He believed China needed to get rid of the Four Olds, meaning: old culture, old ideas, old habits and old customs. Mao Zedong began a political movement with the intention of getting rid of China's old culture and establish a new culture in the country. 

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Red Scarf Girl was published in 1997, which was about two decades after the Cultural Revolution ended. The author, Ji-Li Jiang, wrote this book with the purpose of sharing her childhood memories of surviving the Cultural Revolution in China ( Ji-Li Jiang, Biography ). A big idea that is being shown in the book is the fact that Ji-Li Jiang is treated unfairly because of her family background ( Jiang, 58 ). This is an example of an idea being influenced by historical events. If your grandfather was a " landlord " or your father was a rightist ", you would be treated unfairly.Obviously, the Cultural Revolution, itself, influenced the ideas in the novel. The Red Guards would come search your house for any objects supporting the " four-olds " ( Jiang, 134 ). I strongly think the idea that Mao Zedong wanted to get rid of the " four-olds " inspired the author to write about the " The Sound of Drums and Gongs " and about her family being worried about the Red Guards coming into their house. In conclusion, Ji-Li Jiang's childhood memories were mainly influenced by the Cultural Revolution in China.

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  1. This is a great post Juan. I like how you had many citations. Also I liked how you had connection to the four olds. The four olds are in China still and at the Cultural Revolution. Also in this book.

    I agree the idea that influenced the author was her own life. But I don't agree with your first answer. Yes, the ideas of cultural revolution, are in the classic novel RED SCARF GIRL, but How is MAO ZEDONG a PRESIDENT. He is a DICTATOR! I also think it didn't mean to change the culture and thoughts about people. It is changing the people to his minds and think more about him and his GANG. But I agree it also had to do with changing the old culture and thoughts.

    For your second answer, it was mostly her Memories about Cultural Revolution as a Child. But it had to do more with her thoughts about Mao Zedong. Because in a site called (MAO ZEDONg and JI LI JIANG) Ji li jiang said " I put my experience as a girl in this classic novel, but, it has more to do with my thoughts and my parents thoughts about the cultural revolution." So I still agree with her experience with the cultural revolution, she had more thoughts in than experience.

    But still nice post! I just want you to tell more information about the book and the author's thoughts.