Sunday, October 26, 2014

Job # 5 - Illustrious Artist

I chose to draw a house because of the quote of Ji-lis thoughts on page 138. After her house was searched by the red guards, she says "Home, I thought. Wasn't a home a private place? A place where the family could feel secure? How could strangers come and search through our secrets?" I agree with Ji-li that home should be a private place and somewhere where the whole family could feel comfortable in. However in their situation, it was never like that. They always had to be worried, nervous and terrified because the red guards could come search their house any minute. Or here mom, grandma, dad, or even her siblings, could be taken away from her. Just because of her class status. Towards the end of the book, her dad is already taken away, so is her grandma. Her mom, Ji-yun and Ji-yung ( her siblings) could be taken away any minute as well. Her house was even searched twice. When Ji-li gazed at the remains of her house she sighs, "The mahogany furniture was gone. The four repainted trunks were gone. So was the sofa. We had no beds, no table, no chairs. Only an old fashioned sides lying on its side in one corner and a jumbled pile of clothes in the middle of the floor. My body was an empty shell, too devastated to feel a nothing but exhaustion I could not fight anymore. I trembled down the stairs with Grandma, a thought came to me for the first time in my life. Should I continue to live at all?"After she saw her treasures being taken away, and all of the furniture being crashed and thrown by the red guards that she felt overwhelmed, as she wondered if she should continue to live at all. Just because of their class status, they shouldn't be treated that way. They shouldn't have to live a miserable life, because everyone has the right to be respected. Regardless of such things as class status. 

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  1. Dear Mai,
    Great blogpost! The first thing that I noticed about post was definenently your drawing. To at first sight it was very confusing, because it didn't really refute to the book that much. But as I read you post it became clear that it was Ji-li's house, and the story behind it. Maybe next time you could put more elements that were in the quote also in your drawing. Also I really liked the quote you picked. This was a very intense scene of the book and it also had very interesting questions to it. Overall I agree when you said that everyone has a right to be respected but I think that you could have expended on that by asking yourself, why they are treating Ji-li's family like this and is there a way to stop it?