Sunday, October 12, 2014

Job #1 Line Illuminator

"With my red scarf, the emblem of the Young Pioneers tide around my neck, and my heart bursting with joy, I achieved and grew every day until that fateful year 1966."  

I thought this quote on page 1 was very important because it tells everything about her childhood. The way she tells her childhood is interesting because we could visualize the scene just by reading what she was wearing. The last line "that fateful year 1966."tells us that the story begin from here. I think this is a thoughtful quote that hooks the reader into the book.

"I believe that my life and my family are nearly perfect."

This is what Ji -li had said on page 13. We each have our own different beliefs, and this was hers. She believes that her life is not perfect, which I agree with. We all know that nobody is perfect, and they never have to be perfect. I believe that there is no perfect life, because each and every one of us has our own unique life.

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