Saturday, October 11, 2014

Illustrating artist By the name of (Robert Gibbs)

I chose to make this image because i felt that this time period was a confusing and difficult time for china as it was a weird mix of monarchy and dictatorship. I chose to do this because it thought the people would not want change until i looked at the history it turns out the were being oppressed, so yeah. I can see why they would want change but i mean change to a socialist, no. Since socialist countries have all sorts of restrictions companies would not be able to make a good profit in these government types thus making them leave causing less jobs to be there and less money being generated. which overall bring countries to standstill or to low low economies, which was not the case with china. Since chines is fille dwith resources that did not have an effect on the countrie.

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  1. Robert,

    I thought your image was very creative. You choose very vivid colors that attracted the audience Your image shows that in the book there is a revolution between communist down. Its interesting how you drew hammers to how this was a huge debate and how powerful this is. Its very clear to me what you trying to show by your image, it was a good idea to use the four olds so that the audience would understand more clearly.
    - Carolina