Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Red scarf girl - Line Illuminater- Anna Farnes

One of the passages that I thought was really good is on (page, 1). "I was happy because I was always loved and respected. I was proud because I was able to excel and always expected to succeed." I think that this passage has a lot of meaning in it, Because it talks about how most people are happy  because they feel loved and they feel like they have have the ability to succeed because others believed in them. Or even if you just believe in yourself, that can make all the difference. I think that once we believe in ourselves and we have the love and hope from others we have the capability to do extraordinary things.

Another passage that I thought was good is on (page, 18) And It says: "I thought about my beautiful dreams and wondered if they would drift away just like those lovely soap bubbles." I think that most times in life that we often wonder what are dreams will come to be. And we wonder if they will come true, or if another dream will take place in our life. Most people have a fear of having their dreams not becoming a reality. When really, most dreams are supposed to drift away, and an even better one will be on its way. 


  1. I will comment about the second line because I also thought that the line remained in my mind and I have wonder if my dreams will come true. However I think if I keep to trust myself that I can do it, I can make it true some day. I believe you cannot keep believing if you don’t really want to make it become reality. Walt Disney said “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” “If you can dream it, you can do it.” When you feel like giving up your dream or wonder if you can do it, trust yourself if you really want to. Ji-Li have many big dream. I was sad that she said “Until now I had never doubted that I could achieve anything I wanted.” I want her to not forget dreaming and her belielf even if something painful happened.

  2. I think both of the quotes you had chosen were thoughtful and interesting. Starting with the first quote, the main characters idea of happy, and my idea of happy are the same. I believe that as long as we are loved and respect, we can always be happy. I agree with your idea as well, that once we believe in ourselves and we have the love and hope from others we have the capability to do extraordinary things. Moving on to the second quote, I think this was a very thought full quote you chose, because just by reading this sentence, we could visualize the scene clearly, and we could tell how the character had felt during this specific scene. Furthermore, I thought the image you chose, really matched this quote, which helped us visualize the scene. I chose to do Line Illuminator this week as well, and one of the quotes I chose was "I believe that my life and my family are nearly perfect." which was what Ji - li had said on page 13. What would be your opinion about this quote? My opinion to this was that we all know that nobody is perfect, and they never have to be perfect. I believe that there is no perfect life, because each and every one of us has our own unique life.
    The reason why I had chosen this image was because it shows that every single flower is different, but unique in their own ways. Just like how our lives are different, but unique in their own ways.

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