Sunday, October 26, 2014

Job # 4 – Question Commander – Simone

1. Why do you think Grandma didn't want Ji-li to be watch the search?
Ji-li said, "I was not sure who Grandma was worried about, the Red Guards or Mrs. Rong, but it was clear that she did not want us involved," and I agree. I think that Grandma might have been worried mostly about the Red Guards. Especially because Ji-li said she wanted to go see what they had gotten from the houses. First of all, I don't understand why Ji-li would want to look at what they had gotten, because that's really dangerous. Also, Ji-li already said that it was obvious that Grandma didn't was them involved and I agree. I think Grandma didn't want them there just because she is such a nice person, I think it's not only because of the Red Guards or Mrs. Rong, but in any situation, Grandma just wants to protect Ji-li.


2. Why do you think the boy went to hit a gong?
Honestly, I have no idea why the boy would randomly hit a gong. In the book everyone is just chatting in small groups and then he just comes and hits a gong. I just think that is the most random thing he could have done at that time in the story. Especially because after the boy hit the gong, the boy ran to hide behind his father. Did he want to say something and then he got nervous? Or maybe was he just playing and he didn't really expect everyone to stop and look at him?


3. Why do you think Ji-li hates her grandfather? Should she really be saying that?
Ji-li said, "I hated my grandfather," but I think that's kind of mean. Yes, he was a landlord and that's why she can't be a Liberation Army Dancer, but he is still her grandfather. He is still part of her family, and I don't think she should say that. I think she can say she dislikes him just for that reason, but "hate" is such a harsh word. What if her grandpa was one of the most caring people she would have ever met, and it's not her fault she doesn't really remember him, but just because all she knows about him is that he was a landlord, she doesn't have a reason the hate him.

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  1. Simone, I agree with you on your first question. Grandma loves Ji Li with all her heart and just wants the best for her in every situation. Grandma knows that this Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards are dangerous and bad. But, it looks like Ji Li still thinks it is a good thing and it is for the best of the country. Grandma knows that it is not good watching the scene because then, Ji Li will start having thoughts that are not right. For example, she will think that Mrs.Rong was the one who was wrong. But was it really Mrs.Rong's fault?
    For your last question, I understand why Ji Li would say that. Also, it's not like she even met him or was close to him. I also agree that she shouldn't say that she hates her grandfather because he is still part of the family but he really made a lot of things bad for her. Because of her grandfather, Ji Li was bullied and couldn't do various things. In every argument, the person who was fighting with her would bring up her grandfather saying that she comes from a black family. Ji Li has the total right to say that she doesn't like her grandfather even though it is harsh. Great questions Simone!