Sunday, October 26, 2014

Red Scarf Girl - Line Illuminator - Felipe M.


Job: Line Illuminator

Chapters:  6, 7, 8 and 9

Red Scarf Girl

Ji-Li Jiang

       1#: " Master nuclear weapons, scare the american barbarians"
       This fragment shows that, at the time, people started to not only follow the revolution but people started to become extremists and became ignorant regarding other countries that didn't follow the socialist regime. In my opinion, when there is a big change happening like a cultural revolution or a drastic change in political power, people tend to get involved too much and start to become, in a way, obsessed with this cause. This "obsession" can also lead to ignorance because people start to not have an open mind and they start to think that what they are doing is the best option. Also, the government wants people to think in a way so everybody is persuaded into believing in the cultural revolution. This is exactly what is happening in the book, the government probably made a propaganda so everybody would think that americans are a threat.

       2#: " Then we were all standing up, all shouting. " Long live Chairman Mao!"
       In this sentence, little kids are supporting Chairman Mao even though they probably don't even know what he is doing or what he is going to do. This fragment shows a enormous parental influence, for example; a parent likes a certain political character and persuades his child to like him to. This also happens nowadays, you parents can like a certain candidate for an election a you will probably think he is the best option only because of your parent.

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  1. Miyake,

    I think that your second line really connects to the book. It shows that people are standing up for there beliefs. This also captures the theme of the book which is change and differences. China was changing a lot and people started to become more different having new ideas and beliefs.