Monday, October 13, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher - Carolina Laport

Red Scarf Girl

  • Author:  Ji-li Jiang
  • Chapters: #1-#2
  • Week: #1
  • Job: #6 (Risk Taking Researcher)
About the Author:

          Ji-li Jiang was born in China, Shanghai , 1954. She spend her child hood experiencing all the changes that happened in the revolution. Before she moved to the USA in 1984, she worked as a science teacher in Shanghai. At the age of 43 she published the book Red Scarf Girl. She choose to write a auto biography of her life during the Cultural Revolution of China. Throughout the book the readers would know what was life in china during that time. According to Ji-li,  has inspired hundreds of thousands people- young and old, and tells us what is important and worth, and what should never happen. Ji-li Jiang won many awards such as 1998 Best Books for Young Adults (American Library Association). Currently Ji-Li Jiang is living in San Francisco.

This is a picture of Ji-li Jiang.

This is a image of the revolution.

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  1. Carolina
    The topic that you researched was very interesting. But I think that you should search a little bit more about this so your blog post becomes more interesting. Like this, you blog post doesn't look as interesting as it should, maybe, if you put more info about the author's life, your blog post would be a lot more interesting.