Monday, October 13, 2014

Line Illuminator Jason Hyun

“Don’t do the audition, Ji-li.” page 24

    When Ji-Li's father says this we can clearly see that the climax of the book is rising because after dad says this, he tells Ji-li that their family has a problem in their political background. Moreover he tries to keep that background a secret from other people. Therefore, I believe that a conflict of some sort will take place because of Ji-li's families background.

   My prediction for their families secret of their political background is that their family might be a rebel to China's communism. In other words, their family might have believed in capitalism which is a type of governing structure that believes in diversity with opportunities. What I mean by diversity with opportunities is that in a country that believes in capitalism, there might be difference in economy status but everyone will have opportunities. 

"It’s very complicated, and
you wouldn’t understand it now even if I told
you. Maybe we should wait until you’re grown
up. The point is that I don’t think you’ll be
admitted. So just drop it, all right?”page 25

 When dad said this to Ji-li I thought that the secret that their family might threaten their safety because I think that if their family's secret wasn't that big and important I believe that dad would already have told Ji-li the secret. Moreover if I connect this to my life, I can connect it to when my dad tried to keep his gigantic secret about his salary away from me.

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  1. Great post. You had a good picture to call attention.I agree with both lines you have chosen. But I think it might be too short. I think you could have lines about the prologue not just the lines from the chapters. But still it is a good post. For the first line I like how you put connection to the life. But still you might have probably put more information about what it could have been about.
    The second line I didn't understand very well. But you explained it very well so that I could understand. Great post. Maybe should be a little longer.