Monday, October 13, 2014

Risk taking researcher

    While I was reading the book, Red Scarf Girl I thought that the content of the book was really good. The content of the book was about China's cultural revolution when someone named Mau Zedong was ruling China at that time.
   At the Zunyi Conference in 1935, Mao had become the Communists virtually undisputed leader, but he had lost some power to the moderates after the failure of the Great Leap Forward. Mao remained as Chairman of the Communist Party, in 1966 he and his allies started the Cultural revolution, which was Mao's strategy to take control of the Chinese Revolution. Mao used the Cultural Revolution to eliminate his rivals and take back power. Lots of things were taken apart and demolished in the revolution.
The economy went into crisis, and the agricultural produce fell because the workers were called out so often to join the army and become a red or a socialist work details because they were forced to undergo periods of self-reflection and confession. Another problem that the Cultural revolution brought to China is that schools and universities closed because the Red guards would beat up people and kill them or humiliate them.

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