Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jonathan Red Scarf Girl Role 4 (Question Commander)

Question 1
What do you think happened in Ji-Li Jiang's family?

Well, I think that maybe her family, has a bad relationship with the government, maybe part of her family are ex-criminal's, or they have been part of a rebellion against the current Chinese government. Also, maybe her ancestors (grandfather,grandmother,etc) Used to have a profession that many people consider bad during the current time period in china. An example of this can be a slave trader before 1865 and then after,because before,it was a profitable and look up to business, but after the civil war it was frowned upon.

Question 2
What comfort did books provide Ji-Li Jiang with?

I think that in some way,the book symbolized the perfect society and family for her, as it does with many people who currently read books in today's society. For many,books are a way to escape our current world,wishing and hoping things will get better,only this time pretending that they are already better. You! The person reading this. I can almost guarantee that at on point in your life,you have used some type of media to escape today's world,whether that be book,video games,or even TV.

Question 3
Do you think that Ji-Li Jiang wanted to join the Cultural revolution?
In a way, no. Based on what I've read,the revolution has,in some ways limited her ideas and opportunities. Like we read before,her family's past has been affecting her future,but this is quite the shock to her because she never expected her future to ever have boundries set!
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  1. Hello Jonathan !
    Answering your first question, I have to say I agree. I didn't actually make a prediction yet, but your guess is a really good one. Maybe, Ji-Li's ancestors did something wrong or unacceptable. They could've criticized the current government and as you said, maybe even take part of a rebellion. Unfortunately, this affected Ji-Li Jiang's life.

    Answering your third question, I agree, books allow you to escaper to another world and maybe even forget about what is happening around you ( ). We can't forget that the Cultural Revolution was a hard time for the country and that thinking of other things might be better for Ji-Li Jiang. ( ).

    Answering your third question, I kind of disagree, Ji-Li Jiang seemed excited about joining the Cultural Revolution. Page 25: " But Grandma, we have to get rid of those old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits. " Until now, Ji-Li Jiang believes this is a good idea and they should get rid of the " Four Olds ".

    Would you get rid of the Four Olds ?

    Great Post !

  2. I disagree with you on the first question. In my opinion, their family must've been related to a politician that has stopped working because of the cultural revolution and protest, so, they wan't to hide this so nobody knows that they where related.
    I completely agree that people often find books as a way to escape reality and imagine a world that does not exist.
    I partially disagree with you on the second question. In the begging, she was very enthusiastic about joining the cultural revolution, but a wile later she wasn't so sure about what she was going to do, if she would join the revolution or do nothing.