Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week #1 Illustrious Artist

I drew this drawing to show the four olds. I drew one thing that showed Chinese ideas, culture, habits and customs. The font and how I wrote 4 olds at the top, looks old because we are talking about old things in China. I also drew everything in black and white except  the X because I wanted the X to be different color than everything. Since we are talking about old things, I drew it in black and white. After taking the picture, I put this effect so that the paper looks old. I put a fortune cookie for ideas because when we go to a Chinese restaurant, we get fortune cookies. In the cookies, sometimes there are some Chinese ideas or sayings. For culture, I drew yin yang because it has Chinese origin. In Chinese philosophy, the yin yang is used to show that opposite forces are complementary in the natural world. For habits, I put a bowl of rice and chopsticks. Even though they still use chopsticks, it is something that shows habits. Chinese have the habit of eating with chopsticks and rice in every meal. I drew a bind foot for customs because back then, Chinese women had the custom of binding their feet. Last year, we read Ties that Bind, Ties that Break. In that book, we saw how the custom of binding feet was so important and why. 
Chairman Mao wants to remove all the four olds: old ideas, old culture, old habits and old customs. He says that they will never succeed at building a strong socialist country until they destroy the four olds and establish the four news. 
With this drawing, we can have a sense of China's culture, habits, ideas and customs. 


  1. Julia,

    I really liked your drawing! It clearly states out the main idea in this book which is, of the revolution. Its interesting how you drew Ideas: good fortune, culture, Habits, and customs with each of its own personal meaning. By this you have shown the audience what was one of the things that changed. Customs, you have shown that people customs were changing an example that you gave was that people were not binding feet anymore. But Most of all, on top of each topic you made a big red ''X" which means no more.

  2. Julia,
    I really like what you decided to illustrate. Getting rid of Four Olds is probably the highlight of the first few chapters. The Cultural Revolution was a really hard time for China ( ). The current leader, Mao Zedong, wanted to preserve Communist ideology. He believed getting rid of the Four Olds would help him do that.

    I like your connection with Ties That Bind, Chinese woman used to bind their feet. They did these because it was a custom in the country, Do you think they will get rid of the Four Olds ? If yes, how ?

    Great Post !