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Risk Taking Researcher - Juan Carlos Thomas

Red Scarf Girl 
Juan Carlos Thomas

Ji-li Jiang
Risk Taking Researcher
Prologue & Chapters 1-2

 -  Cultural Revolution -

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The Cultural Revolution had a big impact on China from 1966 to 1976 ( Wikipedia, Cultural Revolution ). During the Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong wanted to reassert his beliefs in China, meaning re-imposing his authority on the country ( HistoryLearningSite, Cultural Revolution ). Mao had been less than a dynamic leader from the late 1950’s on, and feared others in the party might be taking on a leading role that weakened his power within the party and the country. This event caused for several young people to want get rid of the " Four Olds " : old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas ( AsianHistory, Cultural Revolution )

- About the Author -

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The author of Red Scarf Girl is Ji-Li Jiang. She was born in Shangai, China in 1954. She used to be a school Science teacher Ji-Li Jiang also studied in Hawaii and then worked as a corporate Operations Analyst and Budgeting Director for several years. She decided to write her autobiography in order to bring back her childhood memories of surviving the Cultural Revolution in China. After it the book's first publication in 1977, Ji-Li Jiang has gone too many schools and conferences to speak. Today, Ji-li lives in San Francisco. Besides writing, she also works in various cultural exchange programs and summer camps in China in order to teach kids about Chinese culture. 

- Acknowledgements -

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Red Scarf Girl has won several awards and acknowledgements. Here is a list of some of them:

ALA Notable Children’s Book Winner

Book Links Lasting Connection Winner

ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults Winner

Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner

ALA Booklist Editors’ Choice Winner

Publishers Weekly Best Book Winner

ALA Notable Children’s Book Winner

ALA Booklist Editors’ Choice Winner


  1. Nice post. Even though it had a lot of information, I'd still like to learn more about Mao and the wars he had made. I think it was Chiang, he tried to make China into a democratic country. Even though I know a lot about history, this is more like only knowing about Mao. He was a communist which was not good. But still he had made some world records.

    Here are the records.
    Killing the most people in 1 year
    Killing the most people in 1 day
    Killing the most people in a dictators life.
    Making the most people suffer in a communist country and the world.
    Having to kill the most family members in one's life.

    These are few records, but I'd like to know more about what he did to the democratic people. The reason is why would Mao Zedong kill so many people that counts more than the Korean population. But other than that you had great information about the author and what the book has won. But still I'd like to know more about the cultural revolution and what happened. Coming back to the point, Great Job! :) :0

  2. Good post Juan!
    I liked how you gave background about the Cultural Revolution in China. Since the book is about that it gave me a deeper understanding, and now I will be able to understand better what is happening in the book. I knew that Mao wanted to reassert his beliefs but what I did not know was that he feared others in the party would try to take a leading role. I think that, that was probably the main reason why he started the Cultural Revolution: because he did not want to loose power. Maybe you could give a bit more of information about Mao just so we could understand even better what was happening.

    The amount of awardS that Red Scarf Girl won really surprises me because it is interesting how people want to know, and enjoy knowing about other peoples feelings and emotions during the Cultural Revolution. I feel like it is not my type of book, but it is certainly many people based on the amounts of award Ji-Li Jiang has won with the book. I think that these awards have also made Ji-Li Jiang more famous because with winning these award she has done many other things apart from writing as you mentioned above.