Sunday, October 12, 2014

Red Scarf Girl - Connection Captain - Felipe M.

Job: Connection Captain

Prologue + chapters 1 and 2

Red Scarf Girl

Ji-Li Jiang

       Many cultural revolutions or changes happened through history, including the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Nowadays, there is a war happening in Syria, this can lead to a very big cultural change or even a cultural revolution if they lose the war and are dominated by rebels with completely different beliefs. They are dominating lands at a uncontrollable rate and forcing everybody to follow their beliefs. Their country would change completely, different religious artifacts would be destroyed, and people's minds would be eternally scared.

       Imagine if our country was dominated by rebels with crazy beliefs. Imagine if you had to wake up every day and worship a god that you don't truly believe in or understand. The first thing that people who conquered a amount of land would do would be to force their beliefs into our society and force other people into unbelief. That would completely change our daily lives, the way our schools teach would be different, instead of making us open minded, they would make us have closed minds and we would not be open to different things. People's jobs would be very different, they maybe would be forced to abandon their old jobs and work with things that they barely understand and like. Even a countries economy could change significantly.


  1. Felipe .M really good connection with Syria ,but you didn't talk about the cultural revolution that you read in the book and the things that happened with Ji Li in her school where she couldn’t be a part of the Womans Liberation Army because her grandfather was a land owner and they thought that those people were bad so her father didn’t let her become a part of the Army. I don’t know a lot about Syria ,but this war is very consistent because it starter some time ago and they are talking every day in almost all of the news about Syria.

  2. I thought that you did a really good job in doing this blog post. I really liked that you connected about the Chinese Cultural revolution and with the war that is happening in syria because they both had to do with each other and makes someones understanding better about what you are talking about.

  3. Hello Felipe !
    I really like your connection to Syria. As you stated in your blogpost, the war in Syria could lead to a Cultural Revolution. They are forcing others to believe things and that is not good.

    Do you think there will be a war in this book ?

    - Good Post !

  4. I think we both have the same connections. I thought this was similar to what Syria has. Also they had both the cultural revolution too.
    But I think you should have mentioned why it happened.
    Nice post

  5. Felipe! Thank you for pushing my thinking! I 100% agree, with what you said about how much a revolution can change the course of a country. I can without a doubt relate that to a game I've been intrested in buying (Assasin's creed unity) Which is based during the french revolution, in wihc many people rebel and try and change old ways and customs from the society. Thanks,Jonathan