Sunday, October 12, 2014

Enzo Hahn Red Scarf Girl Post #1

Line Illuminator - Enzo Hahn

“With my red scarf, the emblem of the Young Pioneers, tied around my neck, and my heart bursting with joy, I achieved and grew every day until that fateful year, 1966.”
      This line ended the prologue and it’s really strong. This was a really strong hook for me because I really wanted to know what happened in 1966. In one minute I brainstormed crazy ideas from what I studied about the Chinese revolution in 7th grade. The author did really well in hooking the reader because I was bored and the book started to estimate my mind making me want to read more about this book. This book takes place at the cultural revolution and it really reminded me of Ties blind Ties break because this book talks a lot about the Chinese culture. The way that the Revolution already ruined her life was when the Liberation Army tested how flexible she was and her colleague Tong Chao. Jiang Ji-Li was pretty good,but she couldn't join because her grandfather a landlord and the people thought they they were bad people. 
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“One Monday, all school classes were suspended intently.  All students were directed instead to participate in the movement by writing big posters, da-zi-bao, criticizing the educational system” 
This other line was really strong to me because the students had to write bad things about the educational system in their schools. For example Mr. Chao is a bad math teacher and they posted this on his house. This was really shocking because they offended the teacher in school. I can’t imagine this happening here at Graded because it so disrespectful writing something negative about one teacher in their own room. It feels awkward and strange for me. This is taken so serious that they don’t have school that day and their is no teacher on the schools. The should’t do this because they learned how to write this poster with their teachers.  This people are betraying their teacher and they don’t it was something important because they were really scared of the governments.

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  1. Enzo
    I liked you first line because it's content was interesting and the strategy that the author used to draw the reader's attention was interesting. But what I really wan't to talk about is your second line. I found this line more interesting because it shows that even the children were forced to help the cultural revolution even if they didn't want to. Imagine if we were at school and a cultural revolution was happening in our country, our school principal and our teachers supported the revolution. So, we had to make endless posters and long ASAs about how our revolution was good.

    Nice post

  2. I really liked both of your passages and agree that both of them are very strong. I agree that the first passage was a very good hook. It also made me want to read more. I think it’s sad that Ji-li couldn't go to the audition because I think she really wanted to. I agree that is very disrespectful to write bad things about your teachers. I also could not imagine that happening at Graded. I think that is completely rude and the students wouldn't know anything about math without their math teacher. Plus, they wouldn't have been able to write on the poster without their teachers, so the way the students pay them back is by saying rude things about them? I don’t think that is right at all.