Sunday, October 12, 2014

Job # 1 – Line Illuminator – Simone

Red Scarf Girl
Week 1: Prologue + Chapters 1& 2

“Ji-li, the fact is that our family will not be able to pass these investigations,” he said slowly. (Page 25- 26)

I chose this passage because I think it really makes you think. I think it just makes you say, "Why." Why wouldn't the family pass the investigations? Did something happen in the past? What happened? I think this is a very mysterious passage that will hopefully be answered later in the book. I think this is worthy of being discussed because maybe some people already have a guess about what the passage means. Maybe they could be right, or it might end up being something completely different.   


"Destroying the four olds was a new battle, and an important one." (Page 52)

I chose this passage because it shows how important the people thought getting rid of the four olds was. In the book Ji- li was talking about other battles and saying that only this one was an important one. And she isn't just saying that, it shows when An Yi was running to the stall even though she has asthma. It showed when all the people were working together to bread the sign. Half of those people probably had never met before, but they didn't care and worked together because they took getting rid of the four olds very seriously. 

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