Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blogpost #6 Juho Kim

Illustrious Artist
 I decided to put a picture of the scene where Ji- Li reads the article that says that the Jang's are a landlord family. I think it was an important scene in the book because it shows a moment when Ji- Li gets really mad and really expresses her feelings. Adding, right after she reads that, she screams to her mom: "I hate this landlord family!" I could really feel what she was feeling because I already passed through various situations made by my mom and my life. I remember many times in Korea, when I had to go to academies without any opinion of mine. I would just have to do as my father and mother said. I would have a daily routine of various types of academies but during the same time every day. I would usually sleep at 2 or 3, since I had lots of homework to do. While others could have some free time, but that was all made by someone who was in a higher level than I was, who were my mom and dad. But I think I should thank my dad for giving me an opportunity to come to Brazil and study and have more free time. Also I should thank my mom, since she gave me the opportunity to get better grades than most parents would expect I would, and for getting me my own technological devices. Which led me to great success and given me my benefits for life.

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