Monday, November 10, 2014

Blog Post #5

Is the book’s structure chronological or does it move back and forth between past and present? Does the author use a single (first or third person) viewpoint or shifting points of view?  Why might the author have chosen to tell the story this way and how does it influence the reader’s understanding?

In Red Scarf Girl, the book is in chronological structure, which means that the story doesn't not goes and comes back to present and past. The book is like this because the author and main character Ji-Li Jiang tells the story of her child hood until she goes to college. The book is  almsot like a autobiography. She tells everything about her. The story impacts the reader because it is based on true facts that makes you fill not normal because she passes through some things that is hard to imagine that happened with her. Her family has this background that avoids the main character to do certain thing such as going to the college that she wanted to go. She was also bullied in school. They called her family a "land lord" family. This changes the readers way of thinking about the book. You get to much in this situation, that you fill a little bit of guilt for her and her family.

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