Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Impressions, Guilhermo Pagnano Gonzalez

How does the protagonist change from the beginning to the end of the novel?  What does this character learn about himself (or herself) and about how the world works?

While we read the book, the Read Scarf Girl, there was a big intellectual change in Ji Li physical and emotional traits. Her initial impressions about Chairman Mai were changing from what she postulated when she was younger, Ji Li is growing to become a very conspicuous girl, which in her original perceptions are renovating in a synthetic way.

Imagine you're at a football game when this obnoxious guy sits next to you. He's loud, he spills his beverage on you, and impolitely jokes about your team. Days later, you're walking when suddenly it starts to pour rain. Out of no sight, the same guy of the football game shows up at your side and hands you an umbrella.. Should you change your thoughts about him, based on this second encounter, or do you go with your first? Research in social psychology suggests that we're quick to form lasting impressions of others based on their behaviors. We manage to do this fast and efficiently with quit no effort, inferring character traits from a single behavior, like a harsh word or a clumsy walk. Using our impressions as guides, we can accurately predict how people are going to behave in the future. Supplied with the awareness of the guy from the football game the first time you met him, you might expect more of the same down the road. If so, you might choose to avoid him the next time you see him. That said, we can change our impressions in light of new information. Behavior researcher has identified consistent patterns that pilot this process of impression updating. In addition, learning negative, immoral info about someone typically has a stronger impact than learning very positive, highly moral information.

The Ji Li Is metaphorically like so, yet not in a positive matter. She is in a football game and the obnoxious guy that suits himself next to her is Chairman Mao.  He is initially, is very polite and courteous. The next time you see him it is not like the first sight, this time Chairman Mao is rude, barbaric and cloddish. Ji Li first impression about Chairman Mao and his actions has now changed in a very defective approach.  In the book, Chairman Mao becomes a exterminator of all China’s best culture, value and people. His admirers such as Ji Li are now faced with very unpleasant scenarios. Now  JI Li has seen the good and the bad sides of life and has now learned about people. Her initial impressions of Chairman Mao were wrong based on what she had learned in her household and from her family. 

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