Sunday, November 9, 2014

Formative Blog Post: Literary Analysis - Juliana R.

How did the author use a particular literary technique (allusion, metaphor, imagery, symbolism, etc.) and what effect does this technique have on the reader?

I think a literary technique that the author uses a lot is imagery, and it affects the book in a very positive way. For example, on page 157, she wrote the following: ''The classroom was much more spacious than the classroom in Xin Er Primary School, and brighter. Facing the street were three big windows, and I could see the trees and housetops across the way. The desks and chairs were made of iron and painted orange. The huge blackboard was made of real slate. It gave off a sharp sound when you tapped it, and it would not need to be painted regularly like the wooden ones we had in primary school.'' This imagery is effective because it shows us, readers, how the different environments in a different culture and different time were. The Chinese culture is very different from the American or Brazilian, so it shows us how it was. Also, it was at a different time period, which I wasn't alive, so it shows me the technologies in a school at that time.

I found another imagery about Ji-Ls new school in page 160. ''...spacious classrooms, the tall buildings, and the huge, well-equipped gymnasiums.'' This quote shows what Ji-Li was amazed by in her new school. For example, a well-equipped gym is something new and amazing for Ji-Li, yet for me, it is normal because I have one in my school. So, we can see the difference of time periods, how things change.

I drew this based on the imagery on page 157. It is Ji-Li's new classroom in her new school.

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