Friday, November 7, 2014

Formative Literary Analysis Blog Post- Maria Antonia Maia

  1. What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?

    In my opinion the theme the author explored in this novel is fear. In the Cultural Revolution time period everyone was scared of what was going to happen to them. They didn't know if they would be alive tomorrow. The Guards would go to people's houses and look around. Everyone in the family had to come together and help each other, and this is why family is important. Sticking together in all bad times. Ji-li has to change her life up side down and become more responsible. If something happens to her grandma and mother she is the one that has to take care of her brother and sister.

    People were judged too much because of their history, and I feel sorry for the ones that judged them. Just because my grandfather did something it doesn't mean I also do it. Being judged is something that probably will affect our lives forever and there is no way of preventing it. People all over the world do it like if it was drinking water.

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