Monday, November 3, 2014

Question Commander (Robert Gibbs)

Q1:What do you think this time period was like compared to the rest of humanities timeline, good, bad? Why or why not.

I thought this was the fall of humanities particularly 1920 1940's era. I think it was humanities great fall since the medieval times. Particular;y because of the holocaust and since media did not exist the dictators could say communism was a great thing and really manipulate the people. Especially in the book were people did not want anything and they literally wanted their families to go into poverty, and i think that when Ji li Jiang said the red guard would burn the thing I believe she meant take them to chairman Mao's palace to decorate. I found it revolting that without the knowledge of other failed dictatorships that people would crumple to their knees and say that factory owners were exploiting they were merely producing jobs and giving people money for their work. for me exploiting would mean having someone clean your house and charge 2 reis per hour.

Q2: How would have Ji li Jiang's perspective changed if she was not from china.

I believe that Ji li Jiang would have seen her life as a blessing outside from china seeing that the people were being suppressed by an awful dictator. I also feel that outside of china there would be little connection to society inside of china because the government would not allow people outside of china enter the country. also since the people inside of china could not listen to radio they could not here about how bad it actually was if you pulled back the mask that Chairman Mao was wearing.

Q3: Was Chairman Mao only motivated by power or did he want to improve the country.

I think he was purely motivated by power and that he was basically like an actor pretending to be a nice guy and pretending to be a great leader that would help the country but in fact just ruined the economy and the society for a few years. I also felt that he wanted to surpress a feeling now i don't know about his families background but i feel that he had the same motivations as a bully. I felt that he wanted to make the people suffer in his eye to make himself feel better, and to make himself feel important.

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