Monday, November 17, 2014

IIllustrious Artist - Blog #6

Illustrious Artist
Week #6
Juan Carlos Thomas
Chapters 16, 17 + Epilogue

Image Citation
I chose the image of a letter because Ji-Li Jiang’s family received a letter. The letter complained about the situation in the theatre. The letter talked about how the Rebels did whatever they wanted and ignored the policy directives from the Central Committee of the Party. The letter also stated that Aunt Wu had been humiliated because she was considered a “ class enemy “. The letter concluded with “ The Municipal Party Committee will investigate this situation and correct it before it is too late. Ji- Li Jiang became worried after she finished reading the letter. She was especially worried about  her mom and Uncle Tian because they could get in serious trouble. She was also worried about what would happen her dad and Aunt Wu. In conclusion, this letter worried Ji-Li Jiang and her family. 

Image Citation

I also decided to choose the image of a woman sweeping the floor because Grandma was forced to sweep the streets of the alley. This was because she was a landlord’s wife. Many of Ji-Li Jiang’s neighbours and classmates were watching as her grandma swept the pavement. Ji-Li Jiang couldn’t bear to see them watching Grandma sweeping. 

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