Monday, November 17, 2014

Question Commander #6

Why did Ji-Li Jiang used her own facts to write her book "Red Scarf Girl"?

Ji-Li Jiang wrote her book as a memoir. She wrote this book because she was expressing her ideas in book, so people could conprehend what she passed in her life during the Chinese revolution. She was bullied by her class mates telling that she her familly was anticommunist past and that when she grows up, she would be a Red Successor, which meant that she would be part of the Red Guardians. She graduated in one of the Unviversities in China, than when the cultural revolution ended, she moved with her family to Hawaii. "She then mastered English and wrote Red Scarf Girl, a memoir of her life during the Cultural Revolution. " (Wikipedia)

Why did Ji-Li Jiang prefer being part of the revolution, than protecting her own family?

Ji-Li- Jiang tought that being part of her familly was worse than not being part of teh familly. She tought that she wasn't the chid that people thinked she was, a smart and intelligent girl. Se tought that she was traitor to the country, so she decided to "clean" her name up so she would be able to be part of the "society again", and that she woudl be able to graduate and have a good grades in the University.

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