Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Carolina Laport

Red Scarf Girl

-Week #5
-Author: Ji-li Jiang

“You are different from your parents. You

were born and raised in New China. You are a

child of Chairman Mao. You can choose your

own destiny: You can make a clean break with

your parents and follow Chairman Mao, and

have a bright future; or you can follow your

parents, and then… you will not come to a

good end.”   P.267

The reason why I choose to draw this image was because I throughout this phrase had a very important impacted to the story. She had to me a choice, or she would follow Chairmon Mao or she would end up like her parents. I think it was very hard for her because usually we follow are parents footsteps but in this case following their path would not end well. The choice that she made would define her life and future. She  had to be sure that her choice was right for her, and what she believed in.

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