Monday, November 17, 2014

Question Commander

Q1: Do you think that Jiang ji li just wanted to hide the fact that she in fact did not agree with chairman Mao's revolutionary ideas?

I believe that Jiang Ji Li was unknowingly hiding it because she wanted to show to herself that she did follow chairman Mao revolutionary ideas. I also think that she was felling peer pressure and wanted to go with the flow and feel important and "help society". There is evidence in the book where she feels pitty for people she is not supposed to and letting family get in her way of a political life.

Q2: Do you think that the revolution would be ridiculed by other countries if it was happening today?

I believe that the revolution would definably be ridiculed and seen as a threat by other countries today. The reason i think this is because now there exists a international law of human rights that give humans basic rights. Also because the UN is now greater power amongst countries they would have a chance to change china although china would have Vito power.

Q3: Do you find that chairman Mao was keeping secrets from the people

I found it to be almost certain that chairman Mao was keeping secrets from everyone. I felt that they described him in every part of the book as perfect but was actually suppressing the people. This is show in many was as they portray him as a god and in some parts of the book say you need to confess to him and by him they mean his portrait. Also i feel that in the background as most tyrants do he was having unloyalw army men and generals killed.

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