Saturday, February 21, 2015

Connection Captain Giulia Di Bella

Giulia Di Bella
Connection Captain
Week 2                                             

 (*since I have been reading this book in pdf format, and the pdf does not include page numbers, the page numbers for citations have not been included in this post.)

"Mom and Dad had spent a long time talking in the bathroom last night, the only place in our home where they could have a private conversation, and I was sure this walk had something to do with what happened to me yesterday." * chapter: The Red Successors

This quote from the book reminds me of another book that we are currently exploring which is called: The Diary of Anne Frank. In that book, we know that the only place in which they could have privacy was in the W.C.'s. A place in which they could spend the whole day with their own "privacy" and "freedom". This reminds me of the scene that the narrator, or the main character of the book, The Red Scarf Girl, said. In the quote above she stated that the only place in which their parents would have privacy, was in the bathroom. This was how I related the scene from this book and the scenes from The Diary of Anne Frank, in which both characters would have their privite conversations and thoughts in the bathroom. 

Something else that I connected from this book was this quote from one of the Red Successors:

"You should reflect on your class origin and throughly remold your ideology." 
The Red Successors advised Ji-Li-Jiang.* chapter: The Red Successors

I thought that since we are learning about ideology right now in Humanities with Ms. Hancock, I would be able to connect that with what one of the antagonists from this book said. They have been saying that Ji-li-Jiang (protagonist) had to "remold her ideology" to have a clear and right aspect of what was going on really in her life. Since they supposedly said that her ideas had to be remolded, or remade, I question myself: "How come?" Isn't ideology all about ideas? And aren't ideas naturally... different? Anyways, that's just my understanding of what ideology is really all about. So, I could really connect what we are learning about this quarter in Humanities, with what the Red Successors were saying to Ji-Li.

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