Sunday, February 8, 2015

Illustrious Artist Martina Gil

Illustrious Artist
Red Scarf Girl 

 I walked slowly down the hall, surrounded by my shouting and jostling classmates, seeing only the beautiful soldier, feeling only the electric tingle of her soft touch on my head.


In this picture, I drew the soldier with a black shadow, that looks like it's growing. I did this to isolate to soldier and show that if Jiang would follow this path, she wouldn't know what would be in store for her. The shapes around her head show the electric tingle that she feels. I drew everything in black in white in the picture because Jiang doesn't have anything figured out in her life. She doesn't know what it is. Do you think she has everything figured out? Or does the tryout give her one of her first tastes reality


  1. Martina,

    You post shows a type of dept/ideology I haven't thought of before. I did find that she had here life planned out for the future, but due to the fact that the Cultural Revolution started, everything changed. Due to the fact that her parent's did not let her become a soldier, this made her life pretty difficult. She was clearly oblivious to all of the Cultural Revolution, and did not see the other side; clearly being bias and not neutral to the situation.

    This includes talking about the maid, known as 'exploiting', as she clearly looked up to Chairman Mao, she was for the Cultural Revolution (at least at the beginning of the book), as her parents were against the movement.

    Awesome illustration and post!

  2. Martina,
    I found your drawing interesting as the head represents the black hole of her mind. This could mean that Ji-Li is either confused or this could also mean that since she has grown up in a very controlled system that this is all she knows. I feel that Ji-Li has nothing figured out as this is all she has ever come to know. Your drawing and questions really pushed my thinking.
    -Julianna Mello

  3. Martina,
    Nice job with the post. I understood your post a lot and I thought your explanation was very real in a away. At first, I saw the picture and I though "who is who" and "what is what?" And then I realized after reading. Your drawing really does connect to your message and the quote you choose. I really enjoyed when you said you made the drawing black an white as a sort of expression Ji-Li's mind was shaped as. Confused. I think that thought the book she will definitely become stronger and wiser of the situation is about to face.

  4. Martina,
    I really like the picture you drew. I liked how you isolated the soldier in the background, I thought it really made her stand out. I also thought that it was very creative that you put the electric things around Ji-Li, it also kind of made her stand out also. I don't think Ji-Li has everything figured out quite yet, because she is kind of young. But because of the Cultural Revolution, I think that will make her become a stronger person. I also think the Four Olds, will maybe help her get a new perspective on life and maybe figure out more things about life than she does now. What do you think?

  5. Martina, first of all great post. I liked how you added many details to your drawing. However, more than that, I really liked how these details were complimentary to your perspective about that person. You drew something that wasn't straight forward, you drew something that was more like a "show not tell" kind of thing. And that was great because it helped us seek the creativity behind this drawing.
    I agreed with you that she has many things not figured out yet. Do you think she will get things figured out in the future? Since she's a child still, things don't matter so much and she's not so involved with the trouble so she probably doesn't see harsh situations as big deals. Do you believe that things will change as she grows? Will she be forced to change together with with the scenario? What do you think?