Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 1
Risk Taking research- role six
Antonio F

Red Scarf Girl

This week I made a research about the book Red Scarf Girl, made by Ji-Li Jiang.  This book starts in 1966, where Ji-li Jiang was 12 years old. The author of this book wrote a real story about what happened and how she struggled in the Cultural Revolution. This book got an award-winning memoir. According to the site (BookRages) this book talks about the period of Cultural Revolution, and one of the biggest themes of this book is fear. This time is a time in which fear, confusion, and violence in china start to emerge the society and tradition start to break down in China. This book is normally written in first person. I chose the picture beneath to represent the fear the people had during the Cultural revolution.

 As I read the book I saw that it talked about the four olds, so I thought what are the four olds? I decided to research about it.
  The four olds refer to old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas.
When the revolution started, the four olds was a major concept. The majority of the people, that saw something to do with the four olds, they would use violence to show people it was wrong. For example, in the book when a girl saw a kid using pants bigger than what would be classified not four olds, they just got scissors and cut his pants, so that he would never use “ four old pants” again.  The red guards would be normally people with 12-30 years that you destroy anything that showed capitalism or the concept of the “4 olds.” That would be stores, houses, signs and even monuments. I chose the picture beneath to represent the 4 olds and how violent the people were.


  1. Antonio,
    I really enjoyed your post, as it reflected your learning. I really liked how many different sources you had. I really liked your pictures and you researching skills, as well as going deep into "4 year olds" and what it meant.

  2. Antonio,
    Your post was intriguing in many ways. However, I feel that your three main ideas should of been branched out and spaced a little bit more. In my opinion fear, confusion, and violence could all be put in one category. To make your post go into more depth you could of included three separate category so that you could connect each one to the novel. Thank you for pushing my thinking.
    -Julianna Mello

  3. Antonio,

    I really liked your post, specially the part when you describe you describe about the four olds and how they work. That's important because if someone did not read the book and they read your post, they don't get confused in the middle of it. I also liked when you mentioned BookRages on your post. That shows you went beyond the expectations, researching even more.

    Something I thought you could've done better was adding pictures. For some reason, I cannot see what your pictures are. They just appear as an white picture frame. Another thing I suggest you to improve are your citation. For example, when you write BookRags, make it hyperlink.