Sunday, February 15, 2015

Line Illuminator -Jessica

"I did not want her to see me. I bent down and pretended to tie my shoelaces." (pg.47)

Ji-Li and her classmates went to go confront her aunt and made her put a sign on her door. It seems like Ji-Li is ashamed of what she is doing, especially because it is her family. In addition to that, I think she is starting to question whether or not everything Chairman Mao says is right. At first, she agreed with everything, with enthusiasm. Now, she is being a little more hesitant. Not only with confronting her aunt, but also when she had to write signs about her teachers. I think she will be one of the first in her class to realize that not everything Chairman Mao is saying is right. Ji-Li's family will be the first to realize it. It already seems like her dad and grandma don't agree with everything. If you were in her place, would you go along with what everyone else is doing, or would you be different than everyone else?

This picture shows that the zebra is hiding in it's own stripes. Just like Ji-Li was when she was at her aunts.  

"I had always been a school leader, a role model. How could I have suddenly become so bad that I needed to be remixed thoroughly?" (pg.67)

The other kids in her school thinks Ji-Li needs to be "remolded" just because her grandfather was a landlord. Ji-Li doesn't agree with them, she tries to tell them that whatever her grandfather did has nothing to do with her. Chairman Mao is making friends turn against each other. Like the quote above says, people use to look up to her, and not they are criticizing her. Just because someone with political power says something is right, doesn't mean it is. I don't think any of the students at Ji-Li's school understands that. They are all just agreeing to everything he says and aren't really thinking about what it means. I think Ji-Li is starting to realize even more that something isn't right. 

This picture shows two people arguing. Just like Ji-Li and her classmate were when they were telling her to "remodel" herself. 

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